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22 October 2009 @ 04:05 pm
Title: Service
Characters: Anonymous Fire Nation soldier
Rating: G
Word Count: 248
Warnings: None

The whole village had been preparing for this day.

Ever since the messengers from the capital had arrived, proclaiming more victorie
s for the glorious Fire Lord on the one hand, and requesting more levies for his armies on the other, there had been furious debate as to how they should respond. Some insisted they should look to their own well being, and put off the recruiters with tales of woe and disease. Others felt that such deceptions would put the whole village at risk, and that the able bodied men of the village should sacrifice for the good of their neighbors.

A more fervent group believed the rest were growing lax in their patriotism, and were determined to put on a grand drama to instill them with proper pride. Their plans were put indefinitely on hold when it was discovered there was not enough wood in the village to build a stage.

Finally, a quiet grandmother named Ziah made a proposal. It was her observation that the Fire Lord had requested levies, and had made no request as to the kind of men he wanted or how they were to serve. And given the size of Ozai’s army, there were many duties that needed filling....


Zhan sighed as his friends and family cheered the young men on. Shouldering his scoop, he marched along with the rest towards the waiting transport ship.He was grateful to granny Ziah for getting him out of front line duty, but was Rhino Cage Cleaner really an improvement?