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Avatar: The Last Airbender Short Stories

Avatar: The Last Airbender short stories
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This community is for anyone who wants to write and share Avatar: The Last Airbender short stories and drabbles.

1. This is an all ages community. Anything rating higher than a PG-13 must be friends locked.

2. All stories must be under an LJ cut. We don't want to take over eveyone's friends pages!

3. All pairings are welcome here. BUT, there will be no Shota or Loli. (For those of you who don't know what this means, its younger boys and girls in sexual situations.) Fluff fics involving Aang are permissible, but anything involving sex with someone whose not at least (believably) 15 will be INSTANTLY REMOVED. Please contact a mod immediately before posting if you're not sure if your story is acceptable.

4. Also, no incest. I just don't like it.

Since this is a short story/drabble community, please keep all entries between 100-1,000 words.

When posting your fics, please put this:

Characters/Pairing (if any):
Spoilers (if any):

Things like this help alot if people only want to read certain things, especially dealing with spoilers and pairings. Please write the episode(s) around where your fic is based too, if you can.

Mod: unerasable_sins
Co-Mod: seca

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.